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Wrapsody Carriers


As part of Wrapsody's Tenth Birthday Celebration, they're offering a limited-time trade-in special! Is your old Wrapsody a little beat up? Faded? Stained beyond repair? Or are you just ready for a new one?

You’ll need to print and fill out the Tradeback form (here), then mail your wrap back to Wrapsody along with the completed form. Once they receive it, I’ll issue you a coupon code for 25% off a NEW Wrapsody. :)  (This coupon/discount INCLUDES the 10% sale below.)

As an alternative for local customers, I’m also happy to take back your old wrap in person, give you the 25% discount on the spot, and mail back your old wrap myself.

This promotion runs during the month of August – August 1-25.

Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid Wrap

In Stock Bali Baby Stretch Wrap: $89

Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch Wrap Comfortable and Beautiful
GypsyMama Bali Baby Stretch

Keep your baby within easy reach in silky-soft comfort and bold style.

You work hard to balance your own needs with your family’s -- our amazingly simply baby carrier offers you the perfect fit and the snuggly softness of your favorite t-shirt. Wrapsody’s Stretch-Hybrid carrier makes soothing your baby a natural part of your vibrant parenting lifestyle.

Stretch Hybrid Wraps:

  • All the snuggle of a stretch wrap with the support of a woven!
  • Supports children up to 35 pounds on the front, hip, or back.
  • Made from cotton that is strong, silky-soft, and lightweight. Will not pill or fade with washing.
  • Tapered tails so the wrap is not bulky when worn.
  • Range of patterns and styles for every family
  • Includes full length DVD and quick-start brochure
  • Fairly traded

Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid wraps (formerly called Bali Baby Stretch Wraps, or BBS) are hands-down my favorite wrap. I personally have found these wraps to have just the right amount of stretch to them. Since they don't really stretch along the length, heavier and older babies will not sag down the way they will in most stretchy wraps. But the widthwise stretch makes wearing this carrier almost like getting a big hug - it's just stretchy enough to feel snug and cozy.

Bali Baby Stretch Wraps are also quite a bit more versatile than most stretchy wraps - you can actually wear a baby or toddler on your back with one of these carriers (they are the only stretchy wrap that can safely accommodate back carries), and you can wear your child through their toddler years. (In fact, I carried Wally in mine, at 4 years old and 43 lbs). These are hand-dyed and batiked in Bali, Indonesia.

Which Wrapsody wrap is right for me?

More about how Wrapsody wraps are produced (hint: it's all good news)

Washing Instructions Wearing Instructions
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Wrapsody Breeze

In Stock Bali Baby Breeze Wrap: $83 .


The Wrapsody Breeze is as lightweight and cool as it sounds, and it’s compact enough to tuck into your purse when you’re not wearing it. The simple design and bold patterns offer you the perfect fit every time. Just put your carrier on and tuck your baby in, and you’re ready to take on any adventure life brings you, beautifully, comfortably, and connected.

Breeze Wraps:

Lightweight, strong, and compact
For front, back, and hip carrying
The most versatile style of carrier on the market
Packs into a self-storing pocket for travel
Range of patterns and styles for every family
Includes full length DVD and quick-start brochure
Fairly traded

These are hand-dyed and batiked in Bali, Indonesia. They are a bit dressier than the stretch (think "blouse" vs. "t-shirt"). The gauze wraps are some of the lightest, coolest, most compact wraps on the market, and fold down into a handy built-in storage pocket. The gauze, like other woven wraps, offers the greatest range of carrying positions, and many find it more supportive for older children. It is a bottomweight gauze, not at all comparable to the gauze fabrics you'll find in fabric stores.

Gauze is a wonderful fabric choice for baby carriers -- cool in the summer, and no bulk over or under winter clothes. Each has a label marking the center of the wrap and an innovative pocket at the end of the carrier that stores the wrap in a tidy bundle when not in use. This wrap is wide enough to securely carry even a tiny baby on your back, yet lightweight enough to wear on hot days, compact enough to tuck in your bag, and comfortable enough to carry your child for hours.

Size B is 5 yards in length. Size C is 5.5 yards. Need tips on choosing a size?

Which Wrapsody wrap is right for me?

More about how Wrapsody wraps are produced (hint: it's all good news)

Washing Instructions Wearing Instructions
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Wrapsody Wrap DuO

In Stock Wrap DuO: $69

additional pictures

Wrapsody's Wrap DuO is so soft and silky, lightweight, and with a sun protection factor, as well.

The WrapDuO by Wrapsody takes you from ten minutes of morning yoga to after-work cocktails with your partner -- from a long afternoon walk to the post office right into a quick shower with your baby. Elegantly simple and resistant to both wrinkles and lint, this low-maintenance baby carrier packs a lot of features into a lightweight, compact package at a price every family will love.

The Wrap(Du)O by Wrapsody is one of a kind! Similar in support and comfort to other stretch wraps on the market, its fabric is unique: fast-drying fabric,as light as your favorite swimsuit comfortable as your favorite technical running shirt, and elegant as your favorite skirt.

From fabric to labeling, this product is made in New England, USA.

Features at a glance:

Hypoallergenic stretchy fabric feels great on the skin and is perfect for carrying your child both in and out of the water!
Tapered ends and narrow body make this carrier lightweight and cool.
Fabric blocks 97.5% - 98% of the sun's rays (UPF 45), reducing the need for sunscreen.
Just-right stretch makes it easy to wash between you and baby or pop baby in and out without adjusting the carrier.
Portable and packable -- folds down into a quart-sized sandwich baggie.
Soft finished edge is comfortable for your child's legs.
Hi-tech sport knit wicks moisture and sweat away from the skin.
Water use to 35 pounds; land use to 25 pounds.
Silky, slinky fabric even looks great for evening wear!

The fabric is a high-tech polyester knit that feels much like a woman's swimsuit. The Wrap DuO fabric is certified to the Oeketex 100 standard, as well as certified to a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 45 -- nearly the best sun protection possible. For information about UPF and how it compares to SPF, you can read here.

This wrap is one of a kind! Though it was originally designed for water use, it is similar in support and comfort to other stretch wraps on the market. We have never seen anything else like this wonderful, fast-drying fabric, as comfortable and light as your favorite swimsuit.

Wrap DuO is available in black only.

Washing Instructions Wearing Instructions
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Please use common sense when using any baby carrier. Keep a hand on your baby when bending, stooping, walking through a crowded area, etc. Wallypop cannot be responsible for misuse, breeches of common sense, or any injuries that may result from the use of slings purchased from us.



Did you know we do custom wrap conversions? Let us turn your wrap into a comfortable mei tai or ring sling.