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The Wallypop Mei Tai (sometimes also called an Asian Baby Carrier, ABC, Mei Tie, or MT), is ideal for you and your baby, from birth through toddlerhood. It is a fairly simple baby carrier with several carrying positions possible.

Our Mei Tai comes in two models: Basic and Luxury.


The Basic MT is a great entry-level carrier. Sturdy, fashionable, and comfortable.



The Wallypop Luxury Mei Tai builds on the comfort and features of the Basic Mei Tai, and features lightly padded top straps, storage pockets, fabric loops, and a sleeping hood. The pocket can be used to carry a diaper, your billfold, or your sunglasses, while the fabric loops are perfect for hooking your keys onto, or a toy to keep your little one occupied. Additionally, you can turn the whole carrier inside-out, tucking it into its pocket to make a compact little pouch, and use the fabric loop to clip the carrier to your diaper bag.

The Luxury Mei Tai is available in two sizes: our standard size, good from birth through toddlerhood, as well as our new Toddler size, which is a great choice for bigger toddlers. I cannot emphasize enough that the Standard size will carry, comfortably, every child that the Toddler size will carry. You don't need to "size up" as your child grows. But if you're looking to buy a new carrier for your toddler, the Toddler size provides a wider base than the Standard size does. The Toddler size carrier is not recommended for use with infants.


The straps on both models are long enough to accommodate most body types and sizes, without being too long fo