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The Wallypop Mei Tai (sometimes also called an Asian Baby Carrier, ABC, Mei Tie, or MT), is ideal for you and your baby, from birth through toddlerhood. It is a fairly simple baby carrier with several carrying positions possible.

Our Mei Tai comes in two models: Basic and Luxury.


The Basic MT is a great entry-level carrier. Sturdy, fashionable, and comfortable.



The Wallypop Luxury Mei Tai builds on the comfort and features of the Basic Mei Tai, and features lightly padded top straps, storage pockets, fabric loops, and a sleeping hood. The pocket can be used to carry a diaper, your billfold, or your sunglasses, while the fabric loops are perfect for hooking your keys onto, or a toy to keep your little one occupied. Additionally, you can turn the whole carrier inside-out, tucking it into its pocket to make a compact little pouch, and use the fabric loop to clip the carrier to your diaper bag.

The Luxury Mei Tai is available in two sizes: our standard size, good from birth through toddlerhood, as well as our new Toddler size, which is a great choice for bigger toddlers. I cannot emphasize enough that the Standard size will carry, comfortably, every child that the Toddler size will carry. You don't need to "size up" as your child grows. But if you're looking to buy a new carrier for your toddler, the Toddler size provides a wider base than the Standard size does. The Toddler size carrier is not recommended for use with infants.


The straps on both models are long enough to accommodate most body types and sizes, without being too long for smaller frames. Women over size 18, men who are tall or over size XL, and anyone who is concerned about fit should please email us. Generally speaking, these carriers will fit these sizes just fine, but there is such a variation in body shapes, we're happy to double-check that the straps will be suitable or work with you to create a carrier that will fit, and there's never an extra charge for making longer straps. 

Fewer seams = More safety We make our Mei Tais using one solid piece of fabric on each side, with the seams around the edges. We believe that fewer seams means more safety for your precious cargo. Carriers sewn with pieced fabric carry the risk of those seams pulling apart, potentially harming the integrity of your carrier. The bodies of these carriers are under quite a bit of stress and strain while they're holding your baby, and extra seams are not a risk we're willing to take with your children - that's why we here at Wallypop have designed our carriers for the utmost in safety.

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Need help choosing a sling? Fabric available for made to order items


Basic Mei Tai Details:

  • Two-sided, reversible fabric body.
  • Wide, unpadded straps at the hips and shoulders.
  • Sturdy fabric throughout to ensure a comfortable ride.
  • All seams are double-stitched; straps are triple-stitched to the carrier body to ensure safety.
  • Available in Regular size.

Luxury Mei Tai Details:

  • All the features of our Basic Mei Tai, plus:
  • Gently padded straps.
  • Storage pocket.
  • More luxurious fabrics.
  • Sleeping hood.
  • Available in Regular size or Toddler size.

For either style, choose from our instock carriers below, or choose from any of our available fabrics (or your own fabric) for a Custom Mei Tai. Click here for more details.


In Stock Wallypop Mei Tai:

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If you don't like the instock, ready-to-ship carriers above, and you'd prefer to have one made with fabric of your choosing, or with additional options, you may opt for a Custom made Mei Tai (starting at $55.00) There is a wait time associated with any Custom item, please click on the link below for more information. Read more about or Reserve a Made To Order or Custom spot here




Please use common sense when using Wallypop slings and carriers. Keep a hand on your baby when bending, stooping, walking through a crowded area, etc. You can expect years of service from your Wallypop products, but take care to look over your slings and carriers before each use. Do not use your sling or carrier if the stitching has ripped or the straps are getting worn out. Limited wearing instructions are available here. Wallypop cannot be responsible for misuse, breeches of common sense, or any injuries that may result from the use of our slings.




Did you know we do custom wrap conversions? Let us turn your wrap into a comfortable mei tai or ring sling.