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Twins (or siblings)
Special Needs Babies
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The age of your sling-rider will play a role in what type of sling you will pick during your pregnancy. A younger child (who does not want up and down constantly) will be perfectly happy in a wrap or Mei Tai that you can tie on however suits you, but you might find a ring sling or pouch to be easier with a toddler who wants in and out and in and out and in and out. (Many pregnant women find the ring sling or pouch to be less than ideal during pregnancy, but its convenience may outweigh any other factors.)

As your belly grows, you'll probably want a carrier that will allow you to wear your child on your back without anything across your stomach. This can be easily accommodated by a wrap (in a rucksack or tibetan carry) or an onbuhimo. A Mei Tai can also work well, with the waist straps tied either below your belly or above it - or even above your breasts for a high back carry.

I personally found that I could carry four-year-old Wally comfortably on my back in a wrap or a Mei Tai throughout my pregnancy with his sister.


Twins or Siblings

I now know, personally, three sets of parents who have slung their twins, and each set of parents (even each parent) has their own preferences. One mama started out with both babies in one pouch, then as they grew too big to share a pouch, she put them each in their own pouch (one on each shoulder). Her favorite carrying method, though, was to put them each in a Mei Tai, one on the front and one on the back. (Note: wearing two babies in one carrier is *not* recommended.)

Another mama started out preferring to put one baby in a ring sling and the other in a pouch, then moved to putting one baby in a Mei Tai on her back and putting the other baby in the ring sling or pouch.


And the other mama I know, when her babies were little, wore them both in tummy-to-tummy carries - one in a wrap, then the other in a Mei Tai on top of the wrap. She looked like a bundle of carrier and baby walking in the room, but they were all comfortable and happy!

Regardless of the carrier you choose, every twin parent I know has emphasized the importance of getting enough carriers for EACH parent to have options. Particularly if you also have older children, sharing the sling duties between the two of you seems to be the key to a successful outing.

If you don't have twins, but you have an older baby and a younger baby, many parents find it easiest to put the older baby on their back in a wrap or Mei Tai, then put the baby on the front in a pouch, ring sling, or second Mei Tai. However you do it, make sure to put the older child's sling on FIRST, otherwise the older child's sling will compress the younger one's sling (and the younger sibling inside it)!

This is a picture of awesome mama Aimee with her toddler on her back in an Onbu while nursing her baby on the front in a ring sling.



Special Needs Babies

This is such a broad topic, there is no way I could cover every special situation. My best advice if you have a special needs baby is to consider your baby's needs, then look for a carrier that will best suit those needs. If you need guidance through this process, please don't hesitate to contact me with your specific situation. I've gotten pretty good over the years at either hooking families up with a ready-made carrier that works for them, or developing a custom solution for their specific situation. A local babywearing group can be an excellent resource, as well, particularly if you will be able to try on different carriers.


Special Needs Babywearers

This is also such a broad topic! Again, my advice is to consider what your particular needs are, and then find a sling that will best suit those needs. I have several customers who have special needs of varied types, and we've been able to get each of them a sling that will work for them. Please feel free to contact me for guidance in looking for a sling for your particular situation.



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